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Welcome to CloudBoxAcademy, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging cloud courses. Perhaps my courses will ignite your own passions as well!



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Do you want to learn to build real world data pipelines in Azure using

  • Azure Data Factory 

  • Azure Databricks

  • Azure HDInsight

  • Azure SQL Database

  • Azure Data Lake Gen2

  • PowerBI

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Do you want to learn to build real world data project in Azure Databricks using Spark Core?

  • Azure Databricks 

  • Azure Data Lake Gen2

  • Spark SQL/ PySpark

  • Delta Lake

  • Azure Data Factory

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Do you want to learn Azure Synapse Analytics using a hands-on project?

  • Azure Synapse Analytics Architecture

  • Serverless SQL Pool

  • Spark Pool

  • Dedicated SQL Pool

  • Synapse Pipelines

  • Synapse Link for Cosmos DB 

  • Power BI Integration 

  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 integration 

  • Project using NYC Taxi Trips data

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Do you want to learn SQL using a hands-on project & Coding Exercises?

  • Basics of SQL statements

  • Querying Data

  • Filtering Data

  • Simple SQL functions

  • Date Functions

  • Conditional Expressions & Functions

  • Aggregate Functions

  • Grouping Data

  • Joins

  • SQL Constraints

  • Primary & Foreign Keys and Relationships

  • Database Design & Entity Relationship Diagrams

  • Subqueries

  • Common Table Expressions (CTEs)

  • Views

  • Window/ Analytical Functions

  • Working with a Real World Project


Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind - Dale Carnegie

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I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy, ever changing world. I invite you to explore my courses.

I am a full time senior data engineer/ architect. I have over 20 years of experience delivering some of the large data projects for industries ranging from technology, gaming, finance, retail and government. The projects I delivered were both on cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS as well as On-premises. I am also a Microsoft certified Azure Data Engineer Associate.

I have a passion for teaching and I take great pride in the success of my students. I have a different style of teaching than that of a standard I.T. trainer. My courses are based on real world projects. My courses will, not only explain the concepts, but also make them stick by using real world projects and examples. Throughout the course I give guidance on good practices and guide you towards building a production ready application. I strongly believe that once you have completed my courses you will have sufficient experience and knowledge required to start a real time project on that technology. Of course you may require further learning to progress in your career, but I will give you the required foundation and put you in the right direction to gain additional knowledge. I value your time as much as I do mine. So, I keep my courses to the point and my courses have been taught in simple English without any jargons.


Ramesh Retnasamy

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